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Reseller and Affiliate Partner Program

What do we offer

  • High-Availability Cloud Hosting Provider
  • 24x7x365 technical support
  • Multi Clustered Infrastructure
  • Protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
  • Implementation of any customized solution – customers only pay for the resources they truly need and apply for
  • Maintenance is performed without service downtime, totally transparent to our clients

What are the benefits of being a Partner

Simple and clear way to get rewarded for referring new business/customers to MassiveGRID that require no further commitments.

  • Partner with the No1 High Availability Hosting Provider
  • 24x7 Support plans for Partners and their Customers
  • No fees to participate in the program – just earnings
  • Commission schedule is simple and straightforward
  • Up-to-date information on new releases and product launches
  • Monitor performance of referrals as well as receive full breakdowns and commission statements in relation to referral accounts
  • Get access to 180 Datacenters Worldwide
  • Provide Customized Solutions & Services

What type of Partner do you want to be

Reseller Partner

For those who register in the Program as Resellers, they are given the right to offer MassiveGRID services at a discounted price and get a recurring commission on each sale, for as long as the service is active and paid for. Prerequisite to be registered in the Program as a valid MassiveGRID Reseller is to have at least 3 active servers.

Resellers are categorized based on their global aggregated monthly contributions/sales of MassiveGRID products/services, and are entitled to the following percentage discounts and /or commissions:


Accredited Reseller

Preferred Reseller

Distinguished Reseller

Premier Reseller

Elite Reseller

Massive Reseller

aggregated monthly sales

$250 to $1,000

$1,001 to $10,000

$10,001 to $25,000

$25,001 to $50,000

$50,001 to $250,000

$250,001 and up

discount / commission

non eligible






This means that a Reseller, who achieves monthly sales contributions of $10,000, is eligible for 10% margin to use it as they wish, i.e. 5% discount to be offered to their customer on the MassiveGRID service list price, and 10% commission (or any other equivalent combination).

Resellers have the ability to develop their own support plans and technically support their clients on their own, if they want to.

Affiliate Partner

For those who register in the Program as Affiliates, they are given the right to introduce/bring a client to MassiveGRID and get a one-off payment for the specific client, accounting to:

a) 50% commission of the 1st month’s specific client’s expenditure
b) 10% commission of the 1st specific client’s Billing/Invoicing

These amounts are paid to the Affiliate as soon as the client expenditure is secured. Client expenditures that are eligible for this scheme, are the ones that are prepaid in advance for the entire MassiveGRID service duration period.

This program is designed for those professionals who want to get a commission quickly.

Who is eligible to become a MassiveGRID Partner

  • Anyone can become a MassiveGRID Partner. All you need to do is register to MassiveGRID by creating the relevant account, sign-up for the associated Partnership and work with your contacts or customer portfolio, in order to enroll customers to MassiveGRID, acquiring the relevant commission.

How do I sign-up to the Partner Program?

It is quite straight-forward:

  • You create an account through MassiveGRID’s associated url https://portal.massivegrid.com/register.php
  • You login to MassiveGRID’s portal https://portal.massivegrid.com, using your credentials.
  • You choose the option “Partner”, which can be found on the right end of the menu bar.
  • You press on “Partner” and another page will be shown, where you will be asked to activate your Partner account.
  • You press on the “Activate Partner Account” button, and you are automatically authorized as a MassiveGRID Partner.
    While under “Partner” page, you can copy your “Unique Referral Link”, which shall be used in your website. Any sales originating from this url are automatically attributed to your account.
  • To finalize the process, please open a ticket to Partner Department, or send an email to partner@massivegrid.com and specify whether you want to enroll as a Reseller, or an Affiliate Partner.

What is the commission rate for eligible Partners

  • Different commission schemes apply, depending on whether someone becomes a Reseller or an Affiliate Partner.
  • For Reseller Partners, the commission depends on the aggregated monthly sales and varies from 10%, up to 25%. The minimum requirement for commission eligibility is to have at least 3 MassiveGRID services achieving at least US$1001 overall monthly sales contributions.
  • For Affiliate Partners, there is a one-off 50% commission of the 1st month’s specific client’s expenditure, plus a 10% commission of the 1st specific client’s Billing/Invoicing.
  • For more information, please refer to the relevant section

How do I track my Earnings and Collect my Commission?

  • Tracking sales is easy. Through our MassiveGRID management platform, all the relevant information, related to the Affiliate/Reseller Partner Program can be monitored. Your commission will be offered to you either as cash, or as credits to be used for your own MassiveGRID services. Cash is being offered either as a Bank/Wire Transfer, or through PayPal. If you wish to get your commission as cash, you will need to open a ticket to Billing Department and ask for a commission payment, indicating as well the relevant Payment method details. This action will be eligible for processing/clearing, as soon as your credits reach a minimum of US$300, and you provide the relevant invoice to MassiveGRID.
  • Please note that commissions are calculated as soon as payments are considered safely cleared, without any chargeback claims. Please note that depending on the payment method and its associated chargeback policy, a payment might be considered “safely cleared” up to 60 days following the payment submission date.

How do I protect my clients

  • Clients data are only accessible by them. Partners can only have access to their own information, and the description of services selected by the customers they have enrolled to MassiveGRID. Partners can furthermore have access only to the information needed to be able to calculate the associated commissions and proceed to the relevant claim. No Partner is able to access another Partner’s customers’ details.
  • MassiveGRID complies to all relevant regulations regarding Data Protection. Security and privacy on data and financial transactions are guaranteed.
  • MassiveGRID achieves maximum security by offering physical isolation & protection to all their infrastructures around the globe. On the network side, security and privacy is monitored on a 24/7 basis and is achieved through the use of firewalls and Anti-DDoS, in order to provide an additional safety layer to all our clients.
  • All MassiveGRID clients enjoy the same level of security, regardless on whether they enrolled from a MassiveGRID Partner or they have signed-up individually.

Do I have any extra obligations as a Partner?

  • Each customer who enrolls to MassiveGRID shall comply to the associated Terms of Service.
  • Each Partner who registers a new customer to MassiveGRID has no obligations or consequences resulting from their behavior or misconduct, other than the risk of not receiving this customer’s commission, in case their service for any reason is not paid or gets suspended/terminated.



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