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About MassiveGRID

Top Class Service Quality & Reliability

MassiveGRID is a world-wide high-end Service Provider, with over 14 years of hands-on experience in the fields of high-availability service hosting, turn-key service solution & development. Our Company’s strategy for unsurpassed quality and 100% customer satisfaction, is what differentiates us from competition. We thrive for excellence and are committed in providing a leading class service.

Our services are designed for demanding clients that run Business Critical Services or need High Performance, Top Security & large network capacity. MassiveGRID’s client portfolio includes financial institutions, telecoms & cutting-edge technology organizations, amongst others. Our extensive technical expertise and broad experience in problem solving allows us to provide high-quality customized telecoms & IT solutions to any technology challenge.

Top Class Support

MassiveGRID offers 24/7/365 technical support for the offered services. We offer a wide range of technical support packages, in order to be able to cover any business need. Depending on the criticality of a service, upon customer's request. we are in the position to even offer a dedicated technical support team, who will only deal with this one customer on a 24/7 basis. Our experienced technical personnel is always on-site to guarantee business continuity.

We are committed in providing a leading-class service and we are able to offer 100% service uptime through our 100% SLA. In case of any proven downtime, we offer 10 times (1,000%) the actual amount of downtime, up to the customer’s monthly recurring charge.

Top Class Infrastructure

Our offered services are accommodated on our high availability clusters, so our clients can benefit and get the most reliable service available in the hosting industry. Our Infrastructure is based on true high-availability architecture. That means no single point of failure anywhere, everything is built with at least N+1 redundancy. Unlike other cloud providers, MassiveGRID is the true Highly Available Cloud Provider. Any MassiveGRID service benefits from our Infrastructure providing a peace-of-mind experience to our clients.

Our Infrastructure is multi-clustered. Every cluster consists of many hardware servers, all of them in high-availability mode. Client’s servers run in a complete virtual environment fully isolated with each other on our clusters. If a hardware server in any of our clusters fails, then the services that were running in that hardware server get moved instantly to other servers of the cluster.

Our storage is highly available as well. Unlike other cloud providers, we use clustered storage for top reliability in a triple-replicated architecture. Apart from reliable, our storage is very fast too, since we use Pure SSD. Our highly available storage cluster is self-healing and offers 100% storage uptime.

Top Class Network

Our network is also based on high-availability architecture and is fully redundant. The best Tier-1 Internet Providers are used for our links, which are at least duplicated. All Network elements are also following at least N+1 redundancy architecture. Traffic is automatically re-routed, in the event of a link failure. Our Network Operations Center personnel, which is comprised of highly skilled and experienced engineers, is available 24x7x365 and handles on-the-spot any network issue.

For increased security, upon client’s request, we can offer protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks with our advanced anti-DDoS protection service. We can handle DDoS attacks and can enhance the protection threshold for clients with higher security expectations up to 4.5Tbps.

Top Class Architecture

Our infrastructure architecture allows us to expand each resource as much as it is required. That way we can cover any expansion needs a client might have. We can implement any customized solution and accommodate any expansion, in terms of CPU cores, GBs of RAM memory, storage space, as opposed to our competitors who have expansion limitations to their offerings. This means that our customers only pay for the resources they truly need, without having to compromise only to specific, off-the-shelf ready-made packages. Furthermore, our experienced personnel can offer expansion-related consultation, upon client’s request, so that they can get the maximum performance for their business needs.

We perform maintenance with no downtime for our clients. Clients are moved to other clusters, in order to proceed to hardware maintenance. This process is totally transparent to our clients, where downtime in these occasions is practically zero.

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